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Street:“Aleksandër Moisiu”, Kinostudio, Tirana, Albania




AA Film Company is the biggest full service private Film Production Company in Albania and one of the most important in the Balkans and Europe.


The beginnings of the Company dates back to January 1995 with the creation of the first studio discography in Albania called “Jess Discographic” Studio.


It was established in 2005 as a continuation of this studio and provides expertise on a higher level in the film industry, music, photography, fashion and art.


Over 20 years of experience, this company has realized a large number of productions  bringing  innovation  to  the  audiovisual  market.


From 10 years now, we  cover with transmission 2 (two) channels for childrens, “Bang Bang” and “Çufo” channels at the Digital Platform called “Digitalb”  with  entirely  dubbed  films in  Albanian language.


Production, post-production and film service. Our company produces television serials. We have also produced two editions of Albania’s Next Top Model show. We produce commercials, marketing consultancy, clips and different programs for children and adolescents.





In our premises you will find a complete scenography scene, interior and exterior, green box studio, black box photography studio and 9 other personalized workshops for specialized audiovisual recordings, indoor pool studio, wardrobe and  professional  staff  for  filming.


Maximal quality and competitive prices, Composition, Orchestration and mastered songs.


Transport service, catering and hotel.


The vision of our Company is the expansion of the technical capacity and training of  human  resources.


Our company slogan is: “Never be satisfied with the product, this is art”.


AA Film Company is designed to meet the dreams and fulfill the requirements of every talented person who requires the final product.


AA Film Company is the only and the largest company in the Balkans, which has the capacity to cover all requirements in the field of film production, both within and outside the country.

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